Ghar Pe Bataao


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Director :

Neshu Saluja

Actor :

Saurabh Goyal;Priyanka Sonawane Hedau

Overview :

After 5 years of their relationship, the girl struggles to convince the boy to apprise his parents about them. The boys seems to be dithering and stalling because he is aware the full weight of an inter faith marriage would do to his parents. But the girl has made up her mind. It's now or never and she will push through. The entire movie unfolds in real time over their morning walk on a weekend trip to Matheran. They relive old bittersweet memories reminding themselves of the shared love, fully aware of the uncertain future that holds for both of them. They confide in each other stories of hurt and disarming moments of deep affection. This peaceful moment of intimacy is marked with fear and worry. They have known each other for many years since the time they were neighbors in Mumbai. She always thought of him as a quitter but for her, he would go to any length. She brought the best out of him. What if life doesn't move in the direction you desire? She knows there won't be any life to live and love without him. There are real conversations, stolen looks, brief pauses and unbeknownst to her, startling revelations.

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