Wedding Pullav


Genres :

Romance Comedy

Release :




Rating :


Language :


Director :

Binod Pradhan

Actor :

Diganth;Anushka Ranjan;Parmeet Sethi;Sonnalli Seygall;Karan V. Grover;Rishi Kapoor;Satish Kaushik;Upasana Singh;Kitu Gidwani;Dhritiman Chatterjee;Himani Shivpuri;Tripta Lakhan Pai;Aru Verma;Neha Tomar;Ali Khan

Overview :

Wedding Pullav revolves around the lives of two childhood friends, Diganth and Anushka, who find themselves caught in a love triangle when their respective best friends, Karan and Anushka's cousin, Ayesha, enter the picture. As wedding preparations unfold, feelings start to develop, leading to emotional conflicts and dilemmas. The plot unfolds in a predictable manner, with the usual mix of misunderstandings, romantic clichés, and last-minute realizations. While the film aims to capture the joy and chaos of weddings, it fails to bring anything new or refreshing to the table.

What Is The Release Date of 'Wedding Pullav'?

Re: 'Wedding Pullav' was released on 16 October 2015. 'Wedding Pullav' is a Bollywood romantic comedy that follows the tried-and-tested formula of a love triangle set amidst the backdrop of a big fat Indian wedding. Directed by a relatively new filmmaker, the film attempts to capture the essence of love, friendship, and the chaos of wedding celebrations. While it offers some moments of charm and lightheartedness, 'Wedding Pullav' ultimately falls prey to predictable storytelling and lacks the originality needed to make it a memorable addition to the genre.

Where Is 'Wedding Pullav' Movie Available?

Re: Currently you are able to watch 'Wedding Pullav' streaming on Jikedu. The platform coped up well with fast paced technology and covered around 200 countries. Thousands of movies and TV shows are streamed online by thousands of users in various languages and regions. We don't charge a penny. You can also watch on Netflix, 892k, Amazon Video, mdfang, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube.

Is 'Wedding Pullav' Movie Worth Watching?

Re: Yes! 'Wedding Pullav' is a formulaic romantic comedy that fails to distinguish itself from numerous other films in the genre. Despite moments of charm and lightheartedness, the lack of depth in character development, predictable storytelling, and superficial treatment of themes prevent it from leaving a lasting impact. While it may appeal to viewers seeking a light and breezy watch, 'Wedding Pullav' ultimately fails to offer anything new or memorable to the romantic comedy landscape.

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